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Very High Gain antenna answers 5G @ 3.5 GHz challenges

COMsolve is pleased to introduce the new VEGA 5G, 3.5GHz band antenna, now available from Comarcom. The new model is a multiband high gain, narrow beam antenna covering all 2.1, 2.3, 2.5, 2.6, and 3.5-3.8 GHz bands, all in one antenna, featuring gains of up to +26 dBi. This new antenna is designated CMW12WB and its basic features are presented at the following link: Very High Gain antenna answers 5G @ 3.5 GHz challenges

You can find its data sheet at: VEGA Mx CMW12WB4G Data Sheet Specifications 4.19

COMsolve will be pleased to send you radiation pattern files upon request.

Comarcom specializes in providing solutions for the most demanding coverage challenges in cellular networks. These are based on the VEGA line of parabolic very high-gain, very narrow beam antennas.

The VEGA antenna family is a unique tool for extending coverage along corridors such as highways and railroads at substantial savings of CAPEX and OPEX. It is the ultimate tool for extending the range and improving QOS to remote communities and Hot-Spots without adding more expensive towers.

As 5G network trials are ongoing and more commercial networks at 3.5GHz band are operational, the VEGA CMW12WB is the tool to support special coverage needs at 3.5 GHz while supporting 3G and 4G bands at the same time.

COMsolve is a proud distributor of Comarcom’s product line in Canada and the USA.

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