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Site Auditing

With COMsolve's auditing services, gain actionable real-time information of telecommunications installations, including the status of your equipment and asset inventory. Identify areas of improvement to your infrastructure and services such as cost-saving measures and industry & regulatory compliance.


Our team can target technical problems and evaluate end-user customer satisfaction for any project.

QA/QC Services


Full Site Audit

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SC-6 Auditing


Our QA/QC services can help build your future network by implementing fixed asset real-time auditing to reconcile what was deployed in the field, and what's on your screen.

For new sites or reviewing an existing installation, COMsolve offers full site audits and assessments to evaluate the health and status of infrastructure, assets & equipment, antennas and transmission systems, to ensure optimal performance & user satisfaction. We also conduct  SXU and MXU fibre audits.

Enforced by Industry Canada, Safety Code 6 (SC-6) establishes safe radiation exposure limits for both public and telecom workers. We conduct RF emissions testing on-site to provide accurate and actionable data. We also provide certified RF awareness training.

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