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Are you ready

for NG9-1-1?

The CRTC mandated that the emergency services community must have transitioned to NG9-1-1 for the planned decommissioning of legacy 911 service. By using COMsolve’s services and platform, you will ensure the completion of your roadmap to have systems compliant with NG9-1-1 standards.




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We are here to prepare you.

NG9-1-1 brings new obligations for call handling management with significant operational and funding impacts. Our team of experts is prepared to help you with end-to-end management to achieve full NG9-1-1 compatibility.

Using our platform, PSAPs can test operability with TSPs, OSPs and secondary entities requiring NG9-1-1 connectivity to ESInet. We have already been directly involved in the testing of PSAP-ILEC and OSP-ILEC interfaces as part of the ongoing Canadian ILEC trials.

If you are already connected to your ILEC's ESInet, are you truly ready for testing? An audit from our team of experts can assist you in properly configuring call handling, border control functions, routers, firewalls and any additional hardware or software. Avoid costly delays by letting us help you.

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