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Product Suite

xPort is a cloud-based solution that receives real-time LNP port-corrected data broadcasts from all NPAC regions, enabling service providers to leverage the information in many ways. From call routing to billing verification and other processes, the data you need is always at your fingertips.

xPort can be turned up quickly, and the pre-integrated OpenAPI client can be utilized by your OSS/BSSs.  Our SIP Interface allows simple integration into VoIP networks.


nPort is a cloud-based Local Number Porting (LNP) solution that allows you to port phone numbers quickly, easily, and efficiently.


nView is a global number lookup service used by business and number administrators to view all numbering related data.

Receive highly trusted accurate information on all port-corrected data, NANP and Pooling Admin data, Calling Name values, Toll Free and more.


nVentory allows you to track, monitor, and report on your Telephone Number inventory. Simultaneously meet both your business needs and industry reporting requirements with the functionality you expect while maximizing resources and preventing revenue loss.


OWL simplifies the ordering of numbering resources so you have the numbers your business needs.  OWL provides trend analysis, workflow management, a document repository, automation, and industry reporting.  Save critical time and eliminate errors with NAS/PAS, BIRRDS, and TN inventory integration.

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