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A Day in the Life at COMsolve: Natalie Lessard, Numbering Resource Administrator

What is a numbering administrator and what do they do? Read more to see a take from Natalie Lessard, a Numbering Resource Administrator for the Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA).


Hi from Ottawa! I’m Natalie, a team member at the Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA). I started my numbering career in January 2001, as French team member and a Numbering Administrator, which is a fancy name for someone who assigns telecommunications numbering resources to Canadian telephone service providers. One of the most commonly requested numbering resources are Central Office (CO) codes. A CO code represents a block of ten thousand telephone numbers provided to a carrier and that carrier assigns telephone numbers to customers from its assigned blocks.


As an early riser, my workday starts at 6 am like the rest of my co-workers in Ottawa. What can I say? We like to get our days going early. My day-to-day activities are pretty much the same every day, which is assigning resources, but the best part is that I get to speak with our clients throughout Canada from time to time and, every so often, someone from other countries.


Recently I have been promoted and my responsibilities will now include attending more industry meetings, updating all our different industry guidelines, and helping with the implementation of thousands block pooling. We recently hired a new team member that I am training to take over part of my day-to-day CO Codes assignment activities.



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