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Product Suite

A "plug & play" drive test unit based on the common smartphone. It can be installed in a number of emergency or service vehicles, which test the network 24/7 as they drive around a region's road network. 

2023-07-20 10_37_56-AutoMobile _ Plug-and-Play Simulated Testing.png

A lightweight customer experience SDK, Aptus collects network information and in-building coverage data to assist with Network Planning. It is bolstered by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies to better understand network experience per cell site, per area, and per subscriber. Aptus can be seamlessly integrated into any third-party application to collect network performance and location metrics from any device.

2023-07-20 10_38_29-Beacon _ 24_7 Indoor Monitoring.png

A fixed location monitor which continuously tests mobile services for voice quality and data & video streaming, enabling required changes to be remotely managed.

2023-07-20 10_38_59-Aptus _ Crowdsourcing SDK.png
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