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DAS In-Building

Uninterrupted indoor wireless coverage is essential in today’s environment for daily business and personal communications, as well as emergency responses. We offer customized end-to-end DAS consultation and design, installation, testing, and monitoring services. 


A Distributed Antenna System (DAS), a network of antennas distributed throughout a building or area, can improve network performance & reliability. The wireless signals a DAS solution can amplify and distribute include cellular, radio, Wi-Fi, and connections to emergency services. 

DAS In-Building Installation & Testing


DAS In-Building
Planning & Design


For a successful and worry-free implementation, our team of experienced technicians install all cables, antennas and active equipment based on our customized design and ensure your project is on-budget and industry compliant. Every system will then undergo extensive testing to confirm you are receiving the most coverage, capacity, and functionally from your new DAS system.

We offer turnkey cellular DAS planning and design based on your enterprise's needs and coverage scenario. Our certified team will assess & determine the right DAS solution for your venue, ensuring your in-building solution will provide seamless connectivity, and full compliance with Public Safety requirements. 

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