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Cell Site Construction & Tower Build Services

COMsolve specialize in building & servicing wireless networks across Canada and the US.


Our turn-key solutions for custom cell sites and tower builds are designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making your project worry-free from planning to implementation to testing.

Macro, Micro, Pico and small cell Installations

As a highly experienced contractor within the telecom industry, we know there is no one-size-fits-all cell solution. We offer a comprehensive selection of macro, micro, pico, and small cell solutions, and the knowledge to select the right build for your network. Boosting your network performance has never been easier.


Tower & Rooftop Builds

From planning to civil steelwork to superstructure, antenna, radio and cable installations, our deployment team has expertise in all phases of a tower or rooftop build. We provide a dedicated & comprehensive build process, from site planning to construction to testing.


Line & Antenna Installation

As advancements in cellular technology are made, new technology at the site level is required where sites include towers, roof-tops, or in-building. We provide antenna and line upgrades, installation, and integration services.

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