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A Day In The Life at COMsolve: Chris Blount, Tower Climber

What’s a day like in the life of a tower climber? Read further for an account from COMsolve’s Chris Blount:

Our day starts at 7:30 am when we gather at the truck. By 8 am, we arrive at the site and log in to access the Tower compound. Our first task is to load all the tools, materials, lunches, and water into the load bags for the day. At 9 am, we begin preparing and equipping ourselves for the climb up the tower. Typically, it takes me anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to ascend 100 to 350 feet. Once we reach the top of the tower, we take a moment to appreciate the scenery, views, and catch our breath.

Next, we proceed to rig the tower with our main lines, safety lines, and rappel lines. Tools, materials, and lunches are then sent up to us. We commence by taking pre-photos and proceed with the construction. New power trunks, fiber trunks, and a new squid are sent up. We start by decommissioning old powers and equipment, beginning with one sector. Then, we install all the new equipment, powers, and fibers for each sector, ensuring everything is tied and connected to the squid, which acts as our central control.

Once all sectors are complete, we attach all grounds and secure everything with proper snap-ins and grommets. We conduct tape drops, check levels, and verify azimuth 3z on all antennas to ensure proper alignment, angles, and degrees, as specified in the CD's. We document the process with close-out photos and proceed to power up each sector one by one, making sure there are no alarms and everything is functioning correctly. Finally, we dismantle the tower and descend.

The most exhilarating part of the day is when we get to rappel down during the build. Being at such heights provides a thrilling experience, and I absolutely love it.



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