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Quick Tips for PSAP Migration to NG9-1-1

While every Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) migration to Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) is unique, certain principles and best practices apply universally. Keep the following procedures in mind throughout your migration project to ensure a smoother transition.


Minimize Project Stops and Starts

 Maintaining momentum in your project is crucial. Interruptions can significantly hinder progress and lead to various challenges:


Team Reassignment: Original project team members might be reassigned to other tasks, causing a loss of expertise and continuity.

Increased Costs: Restarting a project often incurs additional costs due to the time required to gather appropriate resources and bring them up to speed.

Vendor Scheduling Issues: It can be difficult to secure time on your vendor’s schedule to resume the project, leading to further delays.


To avoid these issues, plan carefully to minimize disruptions and keep the project moving forward consistently.


Establish Great Communication with Your Vendors

 Once your vendor commits to providing services, it is essential to establish clear and detailed communication. Ensure alignment on the following aspects:


Responsibilities: Clearly define the activities that you and your vendor(s) are responsible for.

Prerequisites: Identify any prerequisites for the tasks to be completed.

Timing: Agree on the timeline for each activity to ensure coordinated efforts.


Effective communication with your vendor(s) will help prevent misunderstandings and keep the project on track.


Testing, Not Debugging

 Proper NG9-1-1 application or functional testing is necessary to ensure compliance with NENA standards. When preparing for a testing session, PSAPs should:


Ensure Readiness: Make sure the equipment and environment are in a "ready state" and pre-tests have been run and executed.

Prepare Test Scripts: Have test scripts and scenarios prepared for execution.

Allocate Resources: Assign the appropriate resources to execute the test scripts and validate the outcomes.

Commit to Timely Fixes: Be ready to provide timely fixes for any issues that arise during testing.


By focusing on thorough preparation and execution during testing, you can avoid the pitfalls of using testing sessions for debugging purposes, ensuring a smoother migration process.


Keep these tips in mind to navigate the complexities of PSAP migration to NG9-1-1 successfully. Need more assistance? Schedule a consult with COMsolve today:



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