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Little Rock Tornado Touchdown

From March 31st to April 1st, the western and southern United States witnessed multiple devastating tornado outbreaks as the result of an extratropical cyclone. These storms caused extensive damage to buildings, homes, and infrastructure, including the telecommunication towers that serve the areas. On March 31st, Little Rock, Arkansas was hit by a devastating tornado with a classification of EF3 with winds up to 165 mph, tearing through several neighborhoods, uprooting trees, destroying homes, and causing widespread power and communication outages. It was one of the most destructive tornadoes to hit Arkansas in recent history, leaving many residents without access to critical services.

Emergency response teams, including local law enforcement, firefighters, and medical personnel, were quickly dispatched to the affected areas to assess the damage and provide assistance to those in need. In the days and weeks following the storm, the city and its residents worked together to begin the process of rebuilding and recovery.

The tornado's impact on the city's telecommunication towers was particularly significant, as it disrupted communication and data services in the affected areas. Local telecommunications companies quickly mobilized to restore service to the damaged towers, working to repair and replace damaged antennas, cabling, and other critical components.

COMsolve’s deployment personnel, who specialize in telecommunication tower repair and maintenance, were also called upon to help in the recovery effort. Our team of experienced tower climbers worked tirelessly in the aftermath of the storm to assess the damage, repair damaged towers and structural components, and install new equipment. Despite the dangerous and challenging conditions presented by the storm, our tower climbers helped ensure that communication and data services were quickly re-established for the people of Little Rock.


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