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Implementing STIR/SHAKEN Webinar

COMsolve is cordially inviting you to attend our Implementing STIR/SHAKEN webinar on June 2nd 2021, at 1:00PM EST.

With the CRTC extending the deadline for implementation of STIR/SHAKEN by Canadian TSPs to November 30, 2021, there is mounting pressure to identify and implement an effective solution prior to this date.

If you are part of the Canadian CLEC, Wireless Service Provider or Small ILECs community, this webinar is design to provide you with the knowledge of your obligations and how to meet the regulatory requirements.

Ed Antecol, COMsolve’s VP of Professional Services & Legal Counsel will leverage his 25 years of Canadian Telecom experience to cover the following topics:

  • TSP regulatory obligations

  • Getting a Certificate (for signing SHAKEN PASSporTs)

  • Registering with the CST-GA

  • Getting a Service Provider Code (SPC) Token for one of your assigned Operating Company Numbers (OCNs);

  • Choosing a Certificate Authority

  • Getting the Certificate

  • Interfacing your network to Authentication Services and Validation Services PASSporTs (What are they and where to find them)

  • The A B C’s of attestations

Register here.



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