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COMsolve In The United States

COMsolve Inc., founded in 2006, is proud to announce that we have increased our footprint by continuously expanding our offerings in the US. Due to increasing demand in the telecommunication industry, we have secured contracts with major carriers and vendors in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Our rapid expansions continue to place the highest degree of importance on the safety and quality control measures and procedures we have established over years of operation. COMsolve's continuous involvement with industry standards through our membership with NATE allows us to grow, hire, and certify crews in multiple states to ensure full compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

Our existing and new customers partner with us when they need professional, deployment and/or verification services. Our array of services and specialties help our American consumers by delivering our extensive end-to-end customer experience. We offer solutions that are customizable to our client’s requirements and needs.

As 5G roll-outs continue to be a key focus, COMsolve USA Inc. is on its way to becoming an essential player in the industry. Continuing our partnership with TrueNet Communications and leveraging their proprietary software, with our focus on quality control and quality assurance, will be at the forefront of our efforts across the USA.


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