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Supporting Our Community Is a Strong Part of COMsolve's Values

Ofir Smadja (left) and Thanyaa Navaneethan (right) presenting the donation cheque for Yellow Brick House.
Ofir Smadja (left) and Thanyaa Navaneethan (right) Presenting The Yellow Brick House Donation Cheque

This past holiday season, our COMsolve team came together to help support the Yellow Brick House with our donation. The Richmond Hill-based organization, Yellow Brick House, has been one of the largest providers aiding women and children escaping domestic violence and abuse since 1978. With the approximate 30% increase in domestic violence in Canada during the pandemic, Yellow Brick House’s mission is to provide emergency assistance, empower women and children to rebuild their lives, give a voice to the untold stories of violence and help move our community forward.

COMsolve and our employees' joint effort in contribution affirm that every bit helps to bring awareness and relief to the victims of domestic abuse. Responsibility, being one of COMsolve’s core values where community support is represented. We continue to seek initiatives to spread hope and lend assistance.



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