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A Day In The Life at COMsolve: Welsley Babington, Manager of ICT

Hi, I’m Welsley and I am the Manager of ICT at COMsolve. In 2015, I joined the company as a junior developer, assisting our CEO Ofir Smadja on several different projects – most notably a payment system for Toronto’s new UP Express train system.

Soon, I was promoted to Application Engineer and then to my current role as Manager of ICT. In my current role, I manage all of COMsolve’s IT infrastructure and assets. My role is unique in that I get to work with every department within the company. One day I may be assisting our marketing team with a new campaign, which could include uploading content to our webpage or sending out an automated mailer. The next day, I could be helping our deployment team with commissioning a new cell site. Each week brings new experiences which certainly keeps the job exciting.

Over the pandemic, our entire company – like many others – shifted to working from home. Luckily we were well equipped to handle this as all file sharing for the company was within the cloud. However, the pandemic did provide some unique challenges as some members of our team needed to log into our work network. Our IT team worked daily throughout March of 2020 to ensure everyone could access what they needed. This has led to COMsolve adopting a hybrid work environment as team members are allowed to work both from home and in the office as they please.

IT is very much a bleeding-edge field, with new technologies and challenges introduced almost daily. My time at COMsolve has taught me so much and I look forward to the future as our company continues to expand and grow.



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