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A Day In The Life at COMsolve: Amandeep Maan, Drive Tester

Hello! I am Amandeep Singh Maan, an RF Drive Tester affiliated with COMsolve Inc. My core responsibility revolves around drive testing RF signals across Ontario to ensure optimal network performance. By engaging in comprehensive testing and analysis, I help enhance network quality and coverage and facilitate a seamless communication experience.

On a daily basis, I embark on field assignments that require me to travel extensively throughout various locations within Ontario. This entails evaluating network performance in diverse settings, ranging from small villages to bustling urban centers. Through data collection and analysis, I identify network strengths and areas for improvement. My work plays a vital role in maintaining network functionality and efficiency.

What I find particularly fulfilling about my role is the opportunity to witness the dynamic landscapes and beautiful seasonal transitions that Ontario offers. Undoubtedly, my profession is not without its weather challenges. Adapting to adverse weather conditions, particularly during winter, requires a steadfast commitment to my responsibilities. Navigating through snowstorms and ensuring accurate data collection in such scenarios necessitates precision and preparedness.

One standout winter experience involves a visit to Ottawa during a significant snowstorm. Despite the challenging circumstances, I successfully completed a crucial assignment the following day. I will never forget my first experience driving in the snow that day and admiring the new scenery of a fresh snowstorm.


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