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verification services


Our team at COMsolve brings a wealth of knowledge to industry-specific testing and procedures.


Network Quality Drive Testing

Our team of drive testers constantly benchmark and thoroughly tests all Canada-wide telco networks. Tests include network benchmarking, Single Site Verification (SSV), cluster test, walk test and VoLTE performance testing.

Post Processing Analysis

After a drive test is completed, the raw data must be analyzed. Using specialized software, data is reviewed and extrapolated into reports. From there, our recommendations allow service providers to make improvements to their network.

Site Auditing

Periodically, a full site review is conducted to ensure such things as equipment operational status and health, Safety Code 6 compliance, and maintenance. We also conduct SXU and MXU fiber audits.

911 Testing

Our 911 testing primarily consists of fulfilling a request to drive out to a cell site and placing a 911 test call at the prescribed time to check if the call is received by the expected local authority responsible for processing calls in the region (a “PSAP”) served by the cell site and that correct information is received at the PSAP e.g. location information.

Interference Testing

A common problem for any service provider, we test for wave interference at both the site level and throughout the network.


You Build It. We'll Test It.

All of our test procedures and equipment are held to the most current standards. You can rest assured that your project will be audited correctly.