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Professional Services

Our management team has extensive knowledge and experience in executing large projects.


Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA)

Our primary activity in this division is to act as the Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA) and administer the industry's informational website at Our team in Ottawa processes about a thousand applications per year for administered code resources (eg. network identification codes and large blocks of 10,000 telephone numbers referred to as CO codes i.e., the first six digits of a ten-digit telephone number).  We assign the resources as taken and notify the carriers. We do not assign individual telephone numbers as it is a carrier responsibility.

Telecom Policy

We provide consulting services to carriers regarding telecom policy matters. While the telecom marketplace changes and technological developments continue, so do the policies and regulations that govern this industry. We stay up to date with CRTC mandated rules and provide insight into both regulatory and industry framework policy.

NG9-1-1 Testing with ILEC Production

COMsolve has experienced technical resources that can help PSAPs with NG9-1-1 testing once connected to the ILEC ESInet/NGCS. We have been directly involved in testing of PSAP-ILEC and OSP-ILEC interfaces as part of the ongoing Canadian ILEC trials. With in-depth knowledge and experience through our participation in the testing and lessons learned, we can enable PSAPs not involved in the first phases of the ongoing Canadian trials to transition to NG9-1-1 in a faster and more efficient manner.

NG9-1-1 Readiness Audit

You are a PSAP already connected to your ILEC's Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet). You are getting ready for your first test calls. Are you really ready? Have you properly configured your call handling solution, border control functions, routers, firewalls, and other parameters? If you are not ready, be prepared for a very long and costly set of delays. Reduce this risk with a readiness audit from COMsolve.


Leave It To Our Experts.

As an industry leader in telecom policy, numbering, and emergency services, our management team will partner with you to ensure success through all phases of the project.