Taking into consideration the frequency band, coverage area and power supply, our team of RF engineers cover every detail during the planning process.

Site surveys

When implementing a new site, or reviewing an existing installation, a site survey is an important aspect in diagnosing potential issues. Using up to date software, our team can locate network dead spots and poor connection areas. A recommendation can be made for improvements to any potential or existing in-building project.

Path profiling

To ensure an unobstructed line-of-site for antennas and microwaves, path profiling is required. This graphical view of wave propagation allows RF engineers to align equipment with the least amount of interference.

Frequency planning

Whenever a new site is added to a network, careful consideration is given to coverage and capacity requirements. Quality must not suffer while traffic demand is met.

Industry Canada spectrum licensing

We assist with understanding the licensing and bid process, along with radio and spectrum licensing fees. We also specialize and assist in licence conditions, transfers and the consultation process.

Safety Code 6 auditing

Enforced by Industry Canada, Safety Code 6 (SC-6) establishes safe radiation exposure limits for both the public and telecom workers. We conduct both RF awareness training, as well on-site SC-6 testing.

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