As the Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA), COMsolve is responsible for all numbering administration and issuance in Canada.

Telecom Policy

While the telecom marketplace changes, and technological developments continue, so to do the policies and regulations that govern this industry. We stay up to date with CRTC mandated law, and provide insight into both regulatory and industry framework policy.

Network and interconnection

The backbone of any service provider is its network. Our team specializes in wireless and physical network design, implementation and testing.

CRTC's CISC participation

The CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee (CISC) was established to "assist in developing information, procedures and guidelines as may be required in various aspects of the CRTC's regulatory activities." As the CNA, we attend all CISC meetings.

RFP processes and vendor selection

To ensure success with any project, the procurement of necessary information or services is essential. We can assist both in reviewing potential vendors, and in understanding all aspects of the RFP process.

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