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The numbering administration landscape is changing with number exhaust in some areas. Carriers are asking for alternatives to existing products.


We and our partners recognized an opportunity to create a new number management system to support these changes while meeting the needs of today. We also recognized the need for a number management system with a modular design to allow management of more than just telephone numbers.

10x nVentory

nVentory is an inventory system to manage telephone numbers and other resources to meet your business needs and industry requirements.


nVentory number management capabilities include:


  • Resource Management

  • Real-time Assignment

  • Industry Numbering Gateways

  • Number Utilization and Forecast Reporting

  • Auditing

nVentory workflow

High gain. Narrow beam.

This unique and patented design enables cellular operators to extend and improve coverage of difficult-to-service areas.

The VEGA antenna is perfectly suited for extended cellular coverage of GSM, CDMA, UMTS and LTE networks. With its increased EIRP and diminished spatial interference, it is perfectly suited for the following applications:


  • Bringing cellular coverage to remote communities and extending coverage along highways and railroads

  • Enhancing in-building signal coverage for shopping centers and office towers with its focused and powerful beam.

By using VEGA antennas, the operator can reduce the need of base stations and repeaters, while providing the most efficient coverage with minimum CAPEX. The unique and patented solution significantly reduces the need for additional cell towers along highways, or costly in-building infrastructure such as amplifiers, repeaters and fibre.


Easy. Centralized. Fast.

Questio is a cloud centralized, web-based, drive test post-processing analytics tool. It transforms the raw data sets into insightful and actionable information to help resolve specific problems.

Since the platform is web-based, individualized licences distributed on a per machine basis are no longer needed. The centralized cloud data repository can be accessed instantly at any time, day or night. The customizable report builder offers massive flexibility to the user as templates can be created, saved, and reused over and over again.

Questio supports multiple vendors and a wide range of technologies. Use cases include:

  • Single site and cluster acceptance

  • Network benchmarking and analysis

  • Indoor performance and network level troubleshooting

Plans vary from single user to enterprise applications. Start using Questio today.


Reliability and long life.

Since 1994, Narada has been a global supplier of backup power solutions.

Their highly reliable VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) batteries and lithium-ion cells can be easily integrated into any power solution. From telecom and railway systems to electrical power grids, motive power and storing renewable energy, Narada offers a range of products to assist in any power system.

The Narada test facility boasts over 200 research and development staff. With a CNAS accreditation, this facility is at the forefront for testing and qualification activities.

With a commitment toward quality, safety, environment, behavior and social obligation, Narada envisions a society where all energy is sourced through renewable means.  Having an eye toward the future, Narada believes it can lead this transformation.

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