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To meet our client's needs, we offer a range of products to assist in improving, analyzing, and expanding a carrier's network. 




COMsolve is the Canadian reseller of NetNumber.

The public switched telephone network (PSTN) and its end-users, particularly in Canada and the USA, continue to be plagued by unsolicited and illegitimate calls. Resulting in monumental financial losses with little to no recourse.


NetNumber Guaranteed Caller seeks to greatly reduce these calls through the STIR/SHAKEN framework by allowing for the digital signing of calls whilst it passes through communication service providers.  

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Product Suite

Simple, innovative solutions for your modern numbering needs.


The numbering administration landscape is changing with the number exhaust in some areas. Carriers are asking for alternatives to existing products.

We and our partners recognized an opportunity to create a new number management system to support these changes while meeting the needs of today. We also recognized the need for a number management system with a modular design to allow the management of more than just telephone numbers.



Product Suite


A "plug & play" drive test unit based on the common smartphone. It can be installed in a number of emergency or service vehicles, which test the network 24/7 as they drive around a region's road network.

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A customer experience SDK, which collects network information and in-building coverage data to assist with Network Planning.

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A fixed location monitor which continuously tests mobile services for voice quality and data & video streaming, enabling required changes to be remotely managed

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