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COMsolve's wealth of experience in telecommunication infrastructure allows our deployment verification team to perform drive testing, quality assurance and quality control audits. 


Full Cell Site Builds

From planning to civil steelwork to antenna, radio and cable installations, COMsolve's deployment team has expertise in all phases of a macro site, tower or rooftop build.

Line and Antenna Installation

As advancements in cellular technology are made, new technology at the site level is required where sites include towers, roof-tops, or in-building. Antenna and line upgrades, installation and integration are routine activities performed by COMsolve’s deployment teams.


Small Cell Installation

With the introduction of 5G protocols, small cell installations are expected to rise exponentially. Our team installs small cells typically on light posts or telecom poles. These sites have lower power, and a smaller coverage area, but much higher data throughout.

Neutral-Host DAS Installation

As the need for cloud storage and computing grows, the need for more data centers increases. From cable tray and ladder planning to cable and battery installation, we keep your data and cloud services connected. 


Commissioning and Acceptance Testing

Whenever activity takes place on a macro site, whether it be an equipment upgrade or adjustment, commissioning and testing must take place. Our trained technicians stay up to date in BTS commissioning training and are competent in troubleshooting hardware and software issues, as well as integrating any new hardware on the site level.

Safety Code-6 Auditing

Enforced by Industry Canada, Safety Code 6 (SC-6) establishes safe radiation exposure limits for the public and telecom workers. We conduct both RF awareness training, as well on-site SC-6 testing.


Site Surveys

When implementing a new site, or reviewing an existing installation, a site survey is an important aspect of diagnosing potential issues. Our team can locate network dead spots and poor connection areas using up-to-date software. A recommendation can be made to improve any potential or existing in-building project.

Performance Testing and Maintenance 

COMsolve's experience telecom and IT professionals are fully adept in all wireless and cable testing procedures, such as VWSR, distance-to-fault, cable sweep, fibre OTDR, bit error rate, interference and branch testing. 

Our Team Is Ready. Are you?

With dedicated teams all across Canada, let's get started today to make your project a success. Inquire below about any of our deployment offerings.

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